Blue Revue

Vue Weekly is proud to present Blue Revue: Dirty Movie Film Festival. As Canada’s only pornography-based film festival, we put out a yearly call asking for all would-be adult stars and local filmmakers to submit their own short film (less than five minutes), to be judged by festival attendees for one wild night in September. The winner of the competition, as determined by audience votes, walks away with $1000. First and second runner up will receive $500 and $250 respectively.

Akin to VUE WEEKLY, Blue Revue is all about free expression. So if you’re thinking this is the kind of festival where you WON’T see a film featuring two puppets discussing anal sex, you couldn’t be more wrong. Previous festivals have featured sexy g-g-g-ghosts, gay bears, a plethora of animated penises, horny penguins, glory holes, glow paint, and one oversized male nipple in addition to the more typical good ol’ fashioned pornography that you all know and love. In short, there is no need to go hardcore and creativity is certainly encouraged.

It’s best to keep it like a secret, all films will be destroyed at the end of the night and to date VUE WEEKLY has had zero leaks leading up to the event. Like a caring lover, your naked body parts are safe with us. All genders, sexual orientations and levels of competency with video equipment are encouraged to participate.

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