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Metal / Rock Edmonton, AB Website

Jesse Acorn was just a boy who had a gift at drums, he used to be in a band called "U.C." (Uncomplicated Complications). He made a choice to quit that band, and was going solo for a year. Conrad Sobieraj, who was in an old band called "Statue" was a jerk and made the band split up, he then learned his lesson and invited Jesse to form the band "Zengines." When they started their first practice, Conrad noticed that Jesse caught on easily, Conrad knew there was Metal in Jesses heart. The first song that was ever released was "The Killing Squad" and it was performed at a Guitar party organized by Conrad's Guitar teacher, Terry McDade. Tate MacDonald and Conrad Sobieraj were really good friends in elementary, they always spoke of forming a band one day. Tate MacDonald inspired Conrad to play guitar, and all the other instruments he can play. Conrad got guitar lessons, and learned the ways of guitar through metal. Tate's brother, Connor MacDonald, joined the band later. He jammed with his buddies for a couple years, Conrad then told Tate to give news of Zengines to Connor. So he did, Connor almost instantly became interested, and decided to join the band. Later in the end of 2011 Zengines fan base slowed down and came to a stop... No news was being released, and no shows were being played. Zengines was in progress of making and finishing their album "Factory" and it's album release was supposed to be in the end of 2011 but, things didn't exactly work out as expected. Tate and Connor MacDonald had to leave Zengines in the start of 2012 not personal reasons, Zengines and the MacDonalds were slowing each other down, it was best if they left and jammed occasionally. Then... A miracle, Jesse and Conrad's Junior High friend Lucas Gauk was invited and also instantly joined in, picking up the songs smoothly! X-member of "Statue" Carter Booth (Conrad's sworn enemy for 4 1/2 months) and Conrad Sobieraj became friends again, better goofs than grudges. He picked up the bass, and they both began to jam. No grudges, no hate, no crying, just a new dawn, of Zengines.

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