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Aaron Spohr

Born and raised in the sunny interior of British Columbia, Aaron Spohr grew up on a diet of sports, fresh air and an urge for adventure. But until 2003, his love of music and self expression was an itch that was never scratched. "I remember my friend's older brother had a white Fender Strat in his room, and I used to sit on the front lawn outside their house and just listen to him play. I remember thinking that an electric guitar was so far away from me, I would never have one, it was like flying to the moon." After 3 years of college basketball in Kamloops, B.C., his sense of adventure called him to Busan, South Korea. He decided to turn his fantasy into reality and bought an acoustic guitar. Teaching himself to play Simon and Garfunkel, Bob Marley, and Jack Johnson songs, it was clear that neither guitar or player were letting go. "I played for so long everyday," he says, "that my fingers were permanently stained blue from the bronze strings' oxidization. I couldn't play it enough. When I first bought the guitar, I didn't have the money to buy a tuner, so for two weeks I just tried to tune it by ear, and I was just hopeless. I brought it to a Christmas party and tried to play it and everyone looked at me like I was from Mars, just making this heinous noise in the corner."

After a few years of traveling, surfing, writing songs and hiding them, a friend heard one and suggested recording it on a home recorder. "I recorded it and played it back and at first I thought there was something wrong with the tape... then I realized that it was me. I was just awful, and I wanted to cry," he says "it was a real fight or flight moment for me, and it was then that I decided that I would get good at it or die trying." After a few more years of practice, his younger brother Kenton suggested recording an album of his older brother's music. "Kenty had just started to get into recording," Aaron recalls " and we didn't really have any recording gear so I just rented everything, we hung heavy blankets in our parents spare room, and just started banging out these songs with a borrowed drum kit and microphones. It was awesome, just a real shoestring project." The product of those sessions was 2009's "A Dreamer's Disease," an album that gained radio and commercial success across Canada and abroad, aided by a tour across New Zealand in 2010.

So after a relatively late musical start and humbling beginnings, Aaron decided he needed to run to catch up. "I've played the guitar almost everyday since I bought my first one, and the songs just keep coming. From where they come I don't know. But the thing that amazes me the most is that I get to play these songs for people and reach out to them. I think music is such a sharing experience, it's an awesome feeling when people in an audience reach back out to me."

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